Top Choice Fusion in Ubud


Chef Chris Salans oversees this much-lauded top-end restaurant. Fine French fusion cuisine features on a constantly changing seasonal menu that takes its influences from tropical Asia. Dine in an elegant garden or a…
Top Choice Fusion in Ubud

Three Monkeys

Order a kaffir-lime mojito and settle back amid the frog symphony of the rice fields. Add the glow of tiki torches for a magical effect. By day there are sandwiches, salads and gelato. At night there’s a fusion menu…
Top Choice Balinese in Ubud

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan

Few locals making the trek up the hill through Sayan pass this simple place without stopping. The star is sate lilit: chicken is minced, combined with an array of spices including lemongrass, then moulded onto bambo…
Top Choice Balinese in Ubud

Warung Teges

The nasi campur is better here than almost anywhere else around Ubud. The restaurant gets just about everything right, from the pork sausage to the chicken, the babi guling (suckling pig) and even the tempeh. It's w…
Top Choice Vegetarian in Ubud

Warung Sopa

This popular open-air place in a residential street captures the Ubud vibe with creative and (more importantly) tasty vegetarian fare with a Balinese twist. Look for specials of the day on display; the ever-changing…
Top Choice South American in Ubud


Who knew? South American cuisine has travelled well to Ubud, thanks to the young couple behind this excellent restaurant. From the open kitchen, creative dishes making creative use of beef, pork, fish, potatoes and …
Top Choice Indonesian in Ubud

Waroeng Bernadette

It's not called the 'Home of Rendang' for nothing. The west Sumatran classic dish of long-marinated meats (beef is the true classic, but here there's also a veggie jackfruit variety) is pulled off with colour and fl…
Top Choice Fusion in Ubud


The foodie heaven in Ubud, this temple to locally sourced, ultra-creative foods is the town's toughest table. Book weeks in advance. Meals are degustation and can top out at nine courses; expect this cuisine nirvana…
Cafe in Ubud

Bali Buda

This breezy upper-floor place offers a full range of vegetarian jamu (health tonics), salads, sandwiches, savoury crepes, pizzas and gelato. The bulletin board downstairs is packed with idiosyncratic Ubud notices.
Indonesian in Ubud

Bebek Bengil

This vast place is hugely popular for one reason: its crispy Balinese duck, which is marinated for 36 hours in spices and then fried. The ducks on one of the few surviving rice fields outside the open-air dining pav…