Police in Bali

Poltabes Denpasar

Airline in Nusa Tenggara

Trans Nusa

Nusa Tenggara destinations, plus Bali.
Shuttle in Bali


Ferry in Pulau Nias


ASDP ferries to Sibolga leave Gunung Sitoli daily at around 9pm (economy/VIP 80,000/115,000Rp, 11 to 13 hours) and Teluk Dalam (economy/VIP 100,000/150,000Rp, 12 to 14 hours) on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm…
Ferry in Pulau Nias


Has an irregular monthly boat to and from Padang.
Airline in Central Kalimantan

Lion Air

Airline in Central Kalimantan


Boat in Bali

Perama Tour

Runs basic boat trips between Lombok and Labuanbajo with deck accommodation as well as small two-person cabins. Also has a branch in Labuanbajo.
Driver in Flores

Philip Neto

Based in Bajawa and has island-wide experience. Excellent for treks to remote villages.