Tomohon attractions

Museum in Tomohon

Muesum Pinawetengan

Not just another roadside attraction, this complex is home to Minahasa houses, a history museum, a celebration of owls (the Minahasa Regency mascot), a weaving workshop, an anti-narcotics museum and a botanical gard…
Market in Tomohon

Traditional Market

Up the hill east of town is the colourful, chaotic, anything-goes traditional market you've probably heard stories about – and those stories are true. Things are most lively in the morning. Vegetarians and those not…
Cemetery in Tomohon

Waruga Opo Worang

Minahasans traditionally interred their dead in a squatting position in waruga stone sarcophagi shaped like houses sitting above ground right near their settlement. During a particularly nasty outbreak of cholera, t…
Lake in Tomohon

Danau Linau

Danau Linow, a small, highly sulphurous lake that changes colours with the light, is home to extensive birdlife. Take a mikrolet to Sonder, get off at Lahendong and walk 1.5km to the lake.
Architecture in Tomohon

Woloan Wooden House Builders

Here master craftsman build stunning Minahasa-style wooden homes to be disassembled and shipped to their new owners.