Museum in Tomohon

Muesum Pinawetengan

Not just another roadside attraction, this complex of Minahasa houses, history museum, celebration of owls (the Minahasa Regency mascot), weaving workshop, anti-narcotics museum and botanical garden also has on disp…
Market in Tomohon

Traditional Market

Up the hill east of town is the colourful, chaotic, anything goes traditional market you've probably heard stories about – and those stories are true. Things are most lively in the morning. Vegetarians and those not…
Cemetery in Tomohon

Waruga Opo Worang

Minahasans traditionally interred their dead in a squatting position in waruga stone sarcophagi shaped like houses sitting above ground right near their settlement. During a particularly nasty outbreak of cholera, t…
Lake in Tomohon

Danau Linau

Danau Linow, a small, highly sulphurous lake that changes colours with the light, is home to extensive birdlife. Take a mikrolet to Sonder, get off at Lahendong and walk 1.5km to the lake.
Architecture in Tomohon

Woloan Wooden House Builders

Here master craftsman build stunning Minahasa-style wood homes to be disassembled and shipped to their new owners.