Getting There & Away

The kapal biasa dock (Pelabuhan Mangkurawang) is 2.5km north of town, with angkot (5000Rp) service to the centre. Boats pass heading downriver to Samarinda (25,000Rp, two hours) around 7am daily and upriver for Kota Bangun (50,000Rp, six hours) at 9am daily.

Timbau bus terminal is 400m south of the bridge and about 4km south of the museum area, with angkot service to the centre (5000Rp). Buses depart hourly from 9am to 4pm for Samarinda (25,000Rp), but you'll need to hail passing Kota Bangun–bound buses (30,000Rp) or Kijang buses (150,000Rp) on the street.