LGBT Travellers

Bali is a popular spot for LGBT travellers owing to the many ways it caters to a rainbow of visitors. There is a large gay and lesbian expat community and many own businesses that – if not gay-specific – are very gay-friendly. In south Bali and Ubud, couples have few concerns, beyond remembering that the Balinese are quite modest. Otherwise, there's a rollicking strip of very gay-friendly nightclubs in the heart of Seminyak, and there's no part of Bali any LGBT person should avoid.

Having said that, gay travellers in Bail (and Indonesia) should follow the same precautions as straight travellers and avoid public displays of affection. As the nation becomes more religiously conservative, any form of closeness between people of the same sex may be unwise.

  • Gay men in Indonesia are referred to as homo or gay; lesbians are lesbi.
  • Indonesia’s community of transvestite and transsexual waria – from the words wanita (woman) and pria (man) – has always had a very public profile; they are also known by the less polite term banci.
  • Islamic groups proscribe homosexuality, but physical harassment is uncommon.
  • GAYa Nusantara ( has a very useful website that covers local LGBT issues.
  • Bali's gay organisation is Gaya Dewata (