LGBT Travellers

LGBT+ travellers in Indonesia should follow the same precautions as straight travellers: avoid public displays of affection. This is especially important in conservative areas such as Aceh, where locals of the same sex seen hugging have been sent for 'reeducation' by religious police.

  • Gay men in Indonesia are referred to as homo or gay; lesbians are lesbi.
  • Indonesia's community of transvestite/transsexual waria – from the words wanita (woman) and pria (man) – has always had a very public profile; it's also known by the less polite term banci.
  • Islamic groups proscribe homosexuality, but violence against LGBT+ people is rare.
  • Bali is especially friendly destination for LGBT+ travellers, with a large community of expats and people from elsewhere in Indonesia.

Indonesian LGBT+ organisations include the following:

  • GAYa Nusantara ( Website for the Indonesian LGBT+ community.
  • Gaya Dewata (YGD; Bali's oldest and only community-run LGBT+ organisation.