Tana Toraja restaurants

Indonesian in Rantepao

Ayam Penyet Ria

With a wide menu you're sure to find something to please at this large institution overflowing with locals. Most come for the ayam penyet (smashed chicken, a tender spicy deliciousness), though we've overdone it on …
Indonesian in Rantepao

Rumah Makan Saruran

Oodles of fried noodles and reliable, freshly prepared Indonesian-style Chinese food is served at this hopping restaurant on the main drag. The bright and sociable dining room is an appropriate setting for some of R…
Soup in Rantepao

Sop Ubi Ma'Uni

You may think you know how delicious fried ubi (cassava) soup could be, but you ain't tried Ma'Uni's sop ubi yet. Come here when you're ready to dive bravely back into the local hole-in-the-wall food game. Score.
International in Rantepao


The dining room at Pia's Poppies Hotel has great local food including pa'piong (80,000Rp), plus decent pizza. All food is cooked to request, so it's essential to order well ahead (at least two hours) or be prepared …
Indonesian in Rantepao

Rimiko Restoran

A long-running, very friendly place that serves authentic local food, including Torajan specialities such as buffalo, pork and eel in black sauce (50,000Rp), alongside Indo staples such as gado gado. Book ahead for …
Indonesian in Rantepao

Cafe Aras

Now with two to choose from, the original serves a mix of tasty local and international dishes, while Cafe Aras 2 (100m south) has a similar, but halal menu for the masses. Both have good artistic ambience, and dish…