Tana Toraja attractions

Top Choice Village in Tana Toraja

Ke'te Kesu'

The four stately tongkonan and many granaries that make up Ke'te Kesu' were moved to this picturesque site in 1927 when the savvy family head noticed the Dutch government largely ignored anyone too far from their ad…
Top Choice Tomb in Tana Toraja

Tampang Allo

Whether it's the tau tau, the cave itself, or the peaceful rice paddy setting squeezed between a maze of cliffs, this is one our favourite sites in Tana Toraja. The graves reportedly belong to the chiefs of Sangalla…
Tomb in Tana Toraja


Live out your Indiana Jones fantasies at this extensive (and very popular) burial cave below a massive cliff face. Its entrance is guarded by a balcony of tau tau, while inside piles of coffins – many of them rotted…
Tomb in Tana Toraja


A veritable village of tau tau stare down with unblinking eyes and outstretched arms from this impressive burial cliff riddled with tombs. The sheer rock face has a whole series of balconies for statues of the decea…
Market in Rantepao

Pasar Bolu

Heralded as the world's largest water buffalo market, this dusty, chaotic scene pops off every Tuesday and Saturday when stately beasts imported from around the world are put on display. Some of these animals cost m…
Religious Site in Tana Toraja

Bori' Kalimbuang

There are lots of places to see standing stones, but this is one of the nicer ones. With 102 stones – each representing a different funeral conducted at the site – this pleasantly arranged and well manicured collect…
Tomb in Tana Toraja


Whether its claim to be the oldest known baby grave in Toraja is accurate or not, this site is definitely one of the more compelling. The minimal development and quiet setting gives it a palpably sacred feel.
Cemetery in Tana Toraja

Kambira Baby Graves

Torajans traditionally inter deceased babies, who have not yet teethed, in trees, believing that these infants are more pure than adults, and that their bodies and spirits will be absorbed into the tree and continue…
Viewpoint in Tana Toraja


Billed as the 'Country Above the Clouds', the long north–south ridge line looming to the west of Rantepao certainly has spectacular views – especially at sunrise when the valley below is often filled with fog leavin…
Village in Tana Toraja

Buntu Pune

Buntu Pune village has two fine tongkonan houses and four rice barns some with ancient roofs covered in vegetation. According to local legend, one of the houses was built by Pong Maramba, an early-20th-century noble…