The international access code can be any of three versions, try all three. Mobile phone numbers in Indonesia start with 08.

Indonesia's country code62
International access code001/008/017

Mobile Phones

Cheap local SIM cards (from 5000Rp with no calling credit) are sold everywhere. Data speeds of 3G and faster are the norm across Bali. Any modern mobile phone will work.

Further Information

  • SIM cards come with cheap rates for calling other countries, starting at US$0.20 per minute.
  • SIM cards are widely available and easily topped up with credit.
  • Watch out for vendors who sell SIM cards to visitors for 50,000Rp or more. If they don't come with at least 45,000Rp in credit you are being ripped off. Go elsewhere.
  • Data plans average about 150,000Rp for 10GB of data.
  • Telkomsel, a major carrier, often has reps selling SIM cards in the airport arrivals area just before the 'duty-free' shop. They cost 50,000Rp, and come with credit, plus they offer good data deals. This is an easy way to get set up, but make sure you're not dealing with a faux vendor charging outlandish rates.

Phone Codes

Useful numbers include:

Directory assistance108
Indonesia's country code62
International access code001/008/017
International operator102

Wrong Number?

Bali’s landline phone numbers (those with area codes that include 0361, across the south and Ubud) are being changed on an ongoing basis. To accommodate more lines, a digit is being added to the start of the existing six- or seven-digit phone number. So 0361-761 xxxx might become 0361-4761 xxxx. You’ll hear a recording first in Bahasa Indonesia and then in English, telling you what digit to add to the changed number.