Surabaya restaurants

Top Choice European in Surabaya

De Soematra 1910

Put on your posh frock to come to this highly regarded restaurant. It's set inside a renovated colonial mansion with 6m-high ceilings, chandeliers and carved wooden drinks counters (with sherry decanters, of course)…
Top Choice Fusion in Surabaya

Citrus Lee

At Citrus Lee the food is art, and every dish is delicately painted onto a plate. The chef-owner trained in Paris, and the French influence seeps into many of his dishes. For most people menu highlights are the star…
Top Choice Italian in Surabaya

La Rucola

A delightful Italian bistro serving upmarket Surabaya with homemade pastas, imported steaks, wood-fired pizzas, Italian sausage, oyster mushrooms and more. It also does a range of perfectly grilled seafood. The wine…
Indonesian in Surabaya

BU Kris

With simple tiled walls, plastic-coated menus and chipped tables piled with plates of food, it's not the looks that bring crowds of noisy locals to eat at this renowned classic, but the food. BU Kris is famous for i…
International in Surabaya

House of Sampoerna Café

This cafe is adjacent to the House of Sampoerna museum and occupies a gorgeous colonial structure complete with stained-glass windows and brash and diverse art works – a memorable spot for a meal. The menu is divide…
Indonesian in Surabaya

Soto Ambengan Pak Sadi Asli

This dimly lit dive, filled with locals, is the original location of a chain of soto ayam warungs with branches across Surabaya. Short on noodles, long on shredded chicken, the broth brims with oil and turmeric and …
Vegetarian in Surabaya

Ahimsa Vegan Lounge

An elegant, upmarket vegetarian restaurant owned by a welcoming Indo-Chinese family, who serve delicious rice dishes (try nasi hainan, a mixed rice platter), salads and soups, including a vegetarian bakso. No MSG is…
Food Hall in Surabaya

Tunjungan Plaza

For an air-conditioned setting, Tunjungan Plaza has a colossal selection of squeaky-clean Asian and Western restaurants and cafes; the food court is on the 5th floor, and although it's hardly top-notch grub, it's fa…
Indonesian in Surabaya

Food Stalls

Late-night munchies can also be had at the offshoot of Jl Pemuda, opposite the Plaza Surabaya, which buzzes with food-stall activity around the clock.
Market in Surabaya

Kya Kya

In the old city, the once-throbbing Chinese night market, Kya Kya, is now far less popular, though there are still a few food stalls here.