Top Choice Museum in Surabaya

House of Sampoerna

Undoubtedly the city’s best-presented attraction, the House of Sampoerna is the home of one of Indonesia’s most famous kretek cigarette manufacturers (now owned by US-giant Altria, formerly Philip Morris). Whatever …
Landmark in Surabaya

Monumen Kapal Selam

Surabaya’s foremost stretch of renovated water-side real estate centres on the iron hulk that is Pasopati, a Russian submarine commissioned into the Indonesian navy in 1962. You can poke around the interior, peek th…
Area in Surabaya


Directly south of the Arab Quarter, and east of JL Panggung, is Surabaya’s Chinatown, with hundreds of small businesses and shophouses. Its historic buildings are crumbling and the streets are crowded and none-too-c…
Area in Surabaya

Arab Quarter

Surabaya’s Arab Quarter – usually called Ampel or Kampung Arab – has the atmosphere and appearance of a North African medina. It is a warren of narrow lanes, marked by arched gateways crowned with Arabic script, and…
Bridge in Surabaya

Jembatan Merah

Originally the old city was divided along ethnic lines, with Europeans on the west side of the Kali Mas river and Chinese, Arabs and Javanese on the east bank. Jembatan Merah is a famous bridge that connected the tw…
Mosque in Surabaya

Masjid al Akbar

Perhaps the most impressive modern mosque in Indonesia, you'll probably get a glimpse of Masjid al Akbar's magnificent array of bulbous turquoise-tiled domes as you exit the city. Staff are happy to show visitors ar…
Mosque in Surabaya

Mesjid Ampel

The Mesjid Ampel is the most sacred mosque in Surabaya. It was here that Sunan Ampel (one of the wali songo who brought Islam to Java) was buried in 1481. The mosque itself is a huge space, the vast expanse of its m…
Buddhist Temple in Surabaya

Kong Co Kong Tik Cun Ong Temple

Further east near the canal, the highly evocative Kong Co Kong Tik Cun Ong delivers a blast of unflitered culture. The primarily Buddhist complex (with dashes of Confuciust and Taoist influences) spans two sides of …
Market in Surabaya

Pasar Pabean

Pasar Pabean is a sprawling, darkly-lit market, which links the Chinese and Arab quarters, where you can buy everything from Madurese chickens to Chinese crockery.
Notable Building in Surabaya

Governor's Residence

A holdover from the early 20th century, the former governor's residence, with its front porch colonnade, was getting a makeover when we passed through.