Top things to do in Sungai Mahakam

Cultural in Tenggarong

Erau International Folk & Art Festival

Originally held in celebration of a sultan's coronation, the Erau (from the Kutai word eroh, meaning joyful, boisterous crowd) became a biannual, then annual, gathering to celebrate local Dayak culture and custom. I…
Historic Building in Mancong

Mancong Longhouse

This exquisitely restored 1930s longhouse is flanked by intricately carved totems. Those with chickens represent a healing ceremony. The souvenir shop across the car park can rustle up blankets and mosquito nets if …
Museum in Tenggarong

Mulawarman Museum

The former sultan's palace, built by the Dutch in 1937, is now a decent museum chronicling the culture, natural history and industry of Indonesia's oldest kingdom – as evidenced by 5th-century Sanskrit engravings (t…
Historic Building in Tanjung Isuy

Lamin Batu Bura

Few lamin (the local word for longhouse) around here are occupied outside of community ceremonies, but this Benuaq Dayak house is an exception – you may find resident women sitting on the split bamboo floor weaving …
Historic Building in Melak


This rough wood-and-rattan Benauq Dayak longhouse is sparsely occupied during the day, but welcomes visitors – especially those interested in purchasing woven handicrafts, bracelets or an ornately carved mandau (mac…
Indonesian in Tenggarong

Etam Fried Chicken

The local recommendation for tasty fried (and more) chicken, 2km south of the museum.
Indonesian in Melak

Rumah Makan Mahakan Padang

The best Padang food in the area.
Nature Reserve in Melak

Kersik Luway

There are 57 species of orchids in this isolated preserve about 16km southwest of Melak, though most flower in December and January. The final few kilometres to the park are on dirt roads.
Indonesian in Muara Muntai

Warung Makan Yoyok Bakso

Reliable warung serving excellent bakso (meatball soup), along with nasi goreng, mie goreng and cold drinks.
Indonesian in Melak

Warteg Asli

Speedy, clean and welcoming warung serving good bakso, mie goreng (fried noodles) and fried chicken.