Bus in Padang


Tranex buses depart for Bukittinggi (30,000Rp) from the city’s northern fringes, outside the Wisma Indah building. They're half the price of door-to-door minibuses but you have to catch any white angkot (3000Rp)...

Ferry in Pantai Bungus & Sungai Pinang

Ambu Ambu & Gambolo

The biggest ferries connecting Padang and the Mentawai Islands. Options include air-conditioned VIP seats (123,000Rp), more basic economy seats (92,000Rp) and wooden berths you can lie down on (50,000Rp). Of the...

Boat in Padang

Mentawai Fast

Mentawai Fast conveniently runs from the dock in central Padang to the Mentawai Islands; note that when it stops at Sikabaluan en route to Siberut from Padang, the total journey time to Siberut is six hours. Get...

Ferry in Pulau Weh

Express Ferry

The Express Ferry runs from Pulau Weh to Uleh-leh at 8am and 2.30pm daily (45 minutes to one hour), with an additional service at 4pm Friday to Sunday in season (usually July through August). Services from the...

Bus in Padang


White Damri buses are a cheaper alternative (23,500Rp) to taking a taxi to the airport. They loop through Padang (though there aren't many clearly designated stops) roughly hourly between 6.15am and 5.15pm. Tell...

Airport in Gunung Sitoli

Binaka Airport

Binaka Airport, around 20km south of Gunung Sitoli, is served by Wings Air and Garuda flights from Medan (one hour, six daily) and Padang (one hour, one daily). Extra charges generally apply to surfboards.

Bus Station in Medan

Pinang Baris Bus Terminal

Located 10km west of the city centre, buses here mostly serve Bukit Lawang. However, it's best to take the bus from the Mawar Bakery stop, 900m north of the terminal, to avoid the unpleasant touts.

Ferry in Lagoi

Bintan Resort Ferries

Connects Singapore’s Tanah Merah ferry terminal (one way/return from S$45/70, one hour, six to nine daily) with the Bandar Bentan Telani (BBT) ferry terminal near the Lagoi resorts area.

Taxi in Pulau Bintan


Supra is a reliable and friendly English-speaking taxi driver. Expect to pay around 300,000Rp from Tanjung Pinang to Trikora. He can hire out motorbikes too, but bargain hard.

Airport in Pulau Bintan

Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport

Located in the southeast of Pulau Bintan, this airport has daily flights to Jakarta with Garuda, Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air. Taxis to Tanjung Pinang cost around 140,000Rp.

Car Hire in Gunung Sitoli


Reliable English-speaking driver Fritz can drive you all over Pulau Nias. A sample price for a day tour of North or South Nias is around 800,000Rp.

Ferry in Padang

Sungari Muara Ferry Dock

Padang has regular connections to the Mentawai Islands by boat. The Sungari Muara Ferry Dock is the dock used by the fast-boat service.

Taxi in Banda Aceh

Little John

For a reliable ride or a city tour aboard a deluxe, wi-fi-enabled becak, call or look out for Little John, who speaks good English.

Bus in Parapat

PT Bagus Holidays

One of several operators next to the ferry pier that arrange tourist minibuses and car transfers to the most popular destinations.

Shuttle in Medan


Shuttle service to Medan's airport departing from the Carrefour at Medan Fair Plaza every 15 minutes (one-way 20,000Rp).

Ferry in Tanjung Pinang

Majestic Fast Ferry

Sails from Tanjung Pinang to Singapore’s Tanah Merah ferry terminal (one way S$25, one hour) four times daily.

Ferry in Pekanbaru

Dumai Express

Has a daily ferry service at noon to Pulau Batam departing from Tanjung Buton (three hours east of Pekanbaru).

Bus in Padang

Putra Mandau

Putra Mandau links Padang to Dumai if you’re travelling to/from Sumatra by sea from Malaysia or Singapore.

Ferry in Tanjung Pinang

Sindo Ferry

Sails from Tanjung Pinang to Singapore’s Tanah Merah ferry terminal (S$22, 1¼ hours) four times daily.