Arts & Crafts in Bukittinggi

Makmur Arts

An extensive collection of antiques, including Minangkabau brass salapah panjang (long boxes) used for storing lime and tobacco, silver salapah padusi for betel nut and lime, brass gongs, kerises (ceremonial daggers…
Arts & Crafts in Danau Toba


The best selection of wood carvings in Tuk Tuk, particularly Batak calendars, elaborate totem poles and fine musical instruments. Bargain hard. We’re not too sure about the authenticity of some of the ‘antique’ item…
Arts & Crafts in Bandarlampung

Mulya Sari Artshop

A good collection of both ship cloths and kain tapis can be found here.
Books in Danau Toba

Penny’s Books

An extensive selection of used books for sale.
Market in Padang

Pasar Raya

Pasar Raya – literally ‘big market’ – is the centre of Padang’s shopping universe; come here for anything from fresh fruit to clothes. It’s next to the large new mall.
Market in Palembang

Pasar 16 Ilir

Near the river just off Jl Pangeran Ratu, this market sells batik and other textiles from Sumatra and Java, as well as homewares.
Arts & Crafts in Palembang

Makmur Jaya

Beyond tourist-market selections of fine silk and batiks.
Shopping Centre in Bandarlampung

Bambu Kuning Plaza

Shopping Centre in Bandarlampung

Bandar Lampung Plaza

Sports & Outdoors in Bukittinggi

Markas Outdoor