Shopping in Sumatra

  • Shopping in Padang

    Pasar Raya

    Translating as ‘big market’, Pasar Raya lives up to its name: this massive, sprawling site is the centre of Padang’s shopping universe. Here you'll be able to find anything from fresh fruit, clothing and accessories to bootleg goods. It's a good spot for taking photos, but watch out for pickpockets. It’s next to a large new mall.

  • Shopping in Bukit Lawang


    Along Bukit Lawang's main tourist strip is this gallery featuring original abstract and traditional paintings by local artists. Pieces cost anywhere from 300,000Rp to 3,000,000Rp. It's next door to Eriono Guesthouse, which has a nice little cafe where you can hang out with the artists.

  • Shopping in Medan

    Centre Point Medan

    The biggest, brashest and most central of Medan's mega shopping malls, Centre Point is just east of the train station. As well as brand-name stores, restaurants and a cinema, there's a supermarket on the basement level.

  • Shopping in Bukittinggi

    Makmur Arts

    Makmur Arts has an extensive collection of antiques, including Minangkabau brass salapah panjang (long boxes) used for storing lime and tobacco, silver salapah padusi for betel nut and lime, brass gongs, kerises (ceremonial daggers), 100-year-old wooden masks and heavy coconut-wood-and-brass necklaces formerly worn by local warriors.

  • Shopping in Danau Toba


    Roganda has a selection of wood carvings, including interesting Batak calendars, elaborate totem poles and fine musical instruments. Bargain hard. We’re not too sure about the authenticity of some of the ‘antique’ items in the shop, however.

  • Shopping in Sungai Penuh


    This outdoor adventure store is handy if you're climbing Gunung Kerinci or going on a multiday trek into the jungle. It has a good selection of camping goods, including waterproof gear, hiking boots and cooking equipment.

  • Shopping in Bandar Lampung

    Central Plaza Lampung

    This shiny downtown mall has all your needs covered: ATMs, supermarket, cinema, fast food and restaurants.