Market in Bukittinggi

Ramadan Market

During the month of Ramadan, this car park turns into a whirlwind of culinary activity as dozens of stalls press sugar-cane juice, cook up rendang, concoct elaborate desserts and deep-fry all sorts of artery-cloggin…
Market in Sungai Penuh

Pasar Malam

The centrally located pasar malam (night market) is a terrific place to try local specialities, such as martabak mesir (square pancake filled with meat and vegetables), mie bakso (noodle soup with meatballs), martab…
Market in Banda Aceh

Pasar Malam Rek

The square at the junction of Jl Ahmad Yani and Jl Khairil Anwar is the setting for the Pasar Malam Rek, Banda Aceh’s lively night food market featuring noodle and sate stalls.
Market in Berastagi

Produce Market

The rich volcanic soils of the surrounding countryside supply much of North Sumatra’s produce, which passes through Berastagi’s colourful markets. Passionfruit is a local speciality, as is the marquisa Bandung (a la…
Market in Medan

Pasar Ramai

The main fruit market is a profusion of colour and smells, and has an impressive selection of local and imported tropical fruit. It’s next to Thamrin Plaza.
Market in Bandarlampung

Market Stalls