Top Choice Indonesian in Danau Maninjau

Waterfront Zalino

A great lakeside location showcases some exotic local specialities such as dendeng kijang balado (fried deer with chilli and red pepper), udang (freshwater lake shrimp) and grilled catfish. Zal – AKA ‘Mr Porcupine’ …
Top Choice Indonesian in Danau Toba


Tucked away between Amartoba Hotel and Rodeo guesthouse, Maruba is well worth seeking out for peerless Batak dishes cooked by the talented proprietress. River crabs, na neura (raw fish marinated with candlenut, lime…
Indonesian in Bukittinggi

Waroeng Jalal Spesifik Sambal

Fans of spicy dishes will love this shady garden warung specialising mostly in sambal dishes. Squid, prawns, chicken, tofu, tempeh and aubergine are all cooked in a rich, fiery chilli sauce, with kangkung (water spi…
Indonesian in Padang

Pondok Indah Jaya

This warung is an excellent intro to Padang cuisine; staff will talk you through the selection of dishes including spicy tofu, beef rendang, ayam sambal and tempe. Cool the fire in your mouth with some sirsak (sours…
Indonesian in Bukit Lawang

Brown Bamboo Cafe

Next to the guides association office, Brown Bamboo is a good place to chill out and get some local information on arrival (come here if the office is closed). The menu runs from coconut curry to tacos and cold Bint…
Indonesian in Danau Toba

Juwita Cafe

This cosy lakefront family restaurant and garden does Batak and other Indonesian dishes extremely well. Friendly matriarch Heddy also hosts cooking courses (one-/two-/three dishes 250,000/325,000/350,000Rp). Book a …
Indonesian in Gapang


The lime-green furniture will draw your eye to this breezy al fresco restaurant in the middle of Gapang beach but it's the fresh food, smoothies, prawn curries and apple pie that keep people coming back.
Indonesian in Gapang

Mama Donut

Mama Donut has been a local institution for a couple of decades, walking the sand selling delicious vegetable samosas, doughnuts and fried bananas to divers. On her days off, Daughter Donut takes over.
Indonesian in Bukit Lawang

Jungle Hill

This chilled-out, family-run spot overlooking the river is good for chowing down on curry, rendang and sambal dishes. It's also one of the better pizza places on the strip.
Indonesian in Padang

Simpang Raya

Renowned across Sumatra, Simpang Raya is probably the most famous name serving the fiery signature Padang dishes.