Top Choice International in Danau Toba

Jenny’s Restaurant

There are lots of different options on the menu at Jenny’s, but one dish really shines – lake fish grilled right in front of you and served with chips and salad. Follow it up with the generously portioned fruit panc…
Top Choice Seafood in Takengon


Four kilometres out of town on the road to Loyang Karo, this tiny lakeside hamlet consists almost entirely of wooden shacks selling freshly barbequed fish. How fresh we hear you ask? Well, they’ll give you a net and…
Top Choice Seafood in Gunung Sitoli

Rapi Seafood

This nondescript eatery in central Gunung Sitoli is responsible for some of the best, freshest fish and seafood we’ve ever had in Sumatra. Choose your dinner, then have it grilled, with sweet and spicy sauce or othe…
Top Choice Seafood in Bengkulu City


Classic, locally famous seafood joint by the beach, near central Bengkulu. Choose from ultra-fresh giant prawns, squid and fish, pay by weight, and pick from an array of sauces you’d like your seafood cooked in. Sen…
Top Choice Seafood in Jambi

Pondok Kelapa

Fish and seafood are the stars of the show at this appealing restaurant in a tranquil garden setting. It’s a great place to try giant grilled prawns, cumi asang manis (squid in a sweet and sour sauce), or local spec…
Top Choice Indonesian in Danau Toba


Tucked away between Amartoba Hotel and Rodeo guesthouse, Maruba is well worth seeking out for peerless Batak dishes cooked by the talented proprietress. River crabs, na neura (raw fish marinated with candlenut, lime…
Top Choice Italian in Banda Aceh

La Piazza

Authentic Italian food is on the menu at this outpost belonging to Freddie from Pulau Weh. You’re not limited to pasta and pizza, though; the seafood dishes are also one of the strong points. Romance your sweetie by…
Market in Banda Aceh

Pasar Malam Rek

The square at the junction of Jl Ahmad Yani and Jl Khairil Anwar is the setting for the Pasar Malam Rek, Banda Aceh’s lively night food market featuring noodle and sate stalls.
International in Danau Toba

Rumba Pizzeria

Rumba stays open late on Saturday to show English Premier League football (soccer). Delicious pick-your-own-ingredients pizzas are served.
Steak in Banda Aceh

Country Steakhouse

Well hidden down an alley, this wood-panelled restaurant used to feed the international aid workers. It’s now added a few Indonesian standards to the menu that features New Zealand steaks, snapper and hand-cut chips…