Cultural in Padang

Pesta Budaya Tabuik

A West Sumatran cultural calendar highlight is Pesta Budaya Tabuik (derived from the Islamic festival of Tabut), which is held in Pariaman, 36km north of Padang. It takes place at the beginning of the month of Muhar…
Sports in Bukittinggi

Oxen Racing

Local farmer-jockeys race twin oxen through a muddy paddy field, balancing precariously on the wooden runners. This spectacle, which animal-welfare experts claim uses inhumane tactics to make the beasts run, takes p…
Sports in Bukittinggi

Horse Racing

Bukittinggi holds an annual horse race at Bukit Ambacang in early March. Horses are ridden bareback and jockeys wear regional costumes, vying to win kudos for their village, and something else for the onlookers’ wal…
Cultural in Danau Maninjau

Rakik Rakik

Rakik Rakik is celebrated on the night before Idul Fitri (the end of Ramadan), when a platform is built to hold a replica Minangkabau house and mosque. The offering is then floated out on to Danau Maninjau on canoes…
Sports in Palembang

Bidar Race

Bidar (canoe) races are held on the Sungai Musi in the middle of town every 16 June (Palembang's birthday) and 17 August (Independence Day). A bidar is about 25m long and 1m wide and is powered by up to 60 rowers.
Cultural in Danau Toba

Danau Toba Festival

This week-long festival features Batak cultural performances, with canoe races being the highlight. The month it's held varies year to year, so check ahead.
Sports in Padang

Dragon Boat Festival

Held in July or August, this festival involves boat-racing competitions between international teams. Check details on Facebook.