Mall in Makassar

Makassar Mall

A sprawling mess and more like a market than a mall; come here to experience Makassar at its craziest.
Arts & Crafts in Rantepao


Sells high quality ikat, wood carvings and Torajan crafts. You can watch weavers in action on their looms here. Prices are quite high, but some bargaining is possible.
Clothing in Rantepao

Kaos Toraja

This store specialises in cool T-shirts (for both guys 'n' gals) made from quality cotton and nothing else. Check out its Toraja motifs and stylish designs.
Mall in Gorontalo

Gorontalo Mall

Has cafes, a Body Shop and lots of fashion boutiques.
Mall in Makassar

Ratu Indah Mall

The best central mall, with two (official) Apple retailers, a Body Shop, a Matahari department store, outdoor-adventure sports retailers, cafes and restaurants.