Sulawesi restaurants

Top Choice Indonesian in Manado


Sparkling cleanliness and true hospitality that's matched by the kitchen shine in this delightful Minahasan restaurant. Go for the cakalang fufu (local smoked tuna), perhaps with sous rica tomat (tomato/chilli samba…
Top Choice Soup in Makassar

Coto Nusantara

If you're looking to try the local beef soup of coto Makassar (you should be), you'll invariably be directed to this hole-in-the-wall near the dockyards. The tiny bowl fills out to a meal once you help yourself to a…
Top Choice Indonesian in Makassar

Rumah Makan Pate'ne

Serving up super-fresh Makassarese and Indonesian classics, Pate'ne offers fine value and authentic flavours. The lele goreng (deep-fried catfish with sambal, shredded green papaya, lemon basil and fresh veggies) an…
Top Choice Indonesian in Manado

Raja Sate

Rightly renowned for its sate (you can't go wrong with a mixed plate that includes prawns, squid, chicken, beef and goat), Raja Sate also does great curries and even New Zealand steaks; everything is excellent. Air-…
Top Choice Soup in Sengkang

Bakso Pahlawan

There's bakso, and then there's bakso stuffed with cheese, or with spicy chillies, or with a whole boiled egg. Gorge yourself for under 20,000Rp at our favourite meatball soup joint on the island.
Top Choice Pizza in Palu

Maestro Pizza

Contemporary and clean, this is the place to come when you can't eat another grilled fish. The decor is more polished than the pizza, but we've yet to go home disappointed.
Seafood in Ampana

Warung Pangkep

We've repeatedly been told this place serves the best fish in town. We've repeatedly tried to find fault with that claim – but failed. Repeatedly. Fish are cooked to perfection on the grill in front of this airy fav…
Seafood in Poso

RM Raja Mujair

If it's mujair you want (it is), look no further. Choose your live talapia to be grilled, fried, or boiled in a bowl of vegetables. Chicken and prawns are also available – but those are already dead. The coconutty s…
Indonesian in Mamasa

Pondok Bamboo

An array of bamboo pondok (shaded platforms often found in rice paddies) arranged around aquaculture ponds give this place a relaxed feel. The food is filling and the juice is excellent, just don't expect it in a hu…
Indonesian in Gorontalo


Follow the plumes of smoke north of the roundabout on Jl Pandjaitan to these roadside shacks grilling up the local delicacy of ilabulo, a savoury blend of pounded sago, eggs, spices and chicken liver rolled in banan…