Top Choice Seafood in Makassar

Lae Lae

A famous seafood restaurant, Lae Lae is a crowded, unadulterated food frenzy: expect no-nonsense surrounds, discarded crab shells around your feet and great food. You enter via a smoking street-side barbecue area si…
Hawker in Makassar

Fish Warungs

A string of makeshift fish warungs set up every night on the foreshore opposite Fort Rotterdam and south along the waterfront, and serve some of the tastiest, cheapest seafood in town. Roaming buskers provide table-…
Indonesian in Makassar


The Makassarese flock to this basic cafe with sea views for inexpensive grub, including tasty meatballs and delicious wonton soup.
Indonesian in Rantepao

Rumah Makan Saruran

Reliable, freshly prepared Indonesian-style Chinese food is served at this hopping restaurant that’s popular with young Indonesians. It looks a bit scruffy from the street, but once you're past the kitchen's smoking…
Indonesian in Rantepao

Rimiko Restoran

A long-running, very friendly place that serves authentic local food. It serves good Torajan specialities including buffalo, pork and eel in black sauce (50,000Rp), as well as Indo staples such as gado gado.
International in Rantepao

Restoran Mambo

Geared towards tourists, this clean place has a long menu including everything from sate to steak (and an interesting interpretation of a burrito). No MSG is used.
Noodles in Batutumonga

Coffee Shop Tinimbayo

Located a few kilometres east of Batutumonga, this little cafe has a killer location, perched on a hairpin bend with infinite views over the cascading rice fields. Get tea, coffee, sodas, cold Bintang or mei rebus (…
Indonesian in Tentena

Rumah Makan Kawana

For local specialities sugili (eel) and ikan mas (large goldfish), as well as spicy bat dishes, pull up a chair at one of the riverside rumah makan at the market near the bridge; the best is Rumah Makan Kawana.
Indonesian in Palu

Mall Tatura Palu

Has a decent food court on the top level, as well as a few upmarket restaurants, cafes and a supermarket.
Chinese in Palu

Restoran Marannu

One of the smarter spots in town, the menu here includes good soups such as coto Makassar (beef soup with offal and ground peanuts), tasty seafood and Chinese cuisine.