Top Choice Historic Site in Makassar

Fort Rotterdam

One of the best-preserved examples of Dutch architecture in Indonesia, Fort Rotterdam continues to guard the harbour of Makassar. A Gowanese fort dating back to 1545 once stood here, but failed to keep out the Dutch…
Top Choice Grave in East of Makale


Tampangallo's tau tau are some of the most impressive in Tana Toraja. Take a Kijang from Makale to Sangalla; get off about 1km after the turn-off to Suaya, and walk a short distance (less than 1km) through the rice …
Fort in Makassar

Benteng Sungguminasa

This ancient fort, once the seat of the Sultan of Gowa, is 12km south of Makassar town centre at Sungguminasa. The complex here includes examples of traditional Sulawesi architecture and houses the rather dilapidate…
Museum in Makassar

Museum Negeri La Galigo

Inside Fort Rotterdam, Museum Negeri La Galigo has an assortment of exhibits, including rice bowls from Tana Toraja, kitchen tools, musical instruments and various costumes. It's hardly riveting, but at this price w…
Museum in Watampone

Museum Lapawawoi

While in town, visit Museum Lapawawoi, a former palace housing one of Indonesia’s most interesting regional collections, including an odd array of court memorabilia.
Market in Pantai Bira

Pasar Bira

This small market is held in the village every two days.
Hot Springs in Gorontalo

Lombongo Hot Springs

Seventeen kilometres east of Gorontalo, at the western edge of Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park, this large swimming pool is filled with hot-spring water. There's also a swimming hole at the foot of a 30m waterfa…
Tomb in Makassar

Makam Sultan Hasanuddin

Seven kilometres from town on the southeastern outskirts of Makassar, Makam Sultan Hasanuddin memorialises a 17th-century ruler of Gowa. Outside the tomb compound you'll find the Pelantikan Stone, on which the kings…
Port in Makassar

Pelabuhan Paotere

Pelabuhan Paotere, 4km north of the city centre, is a large port where Bugis sailing ships berth. There's usually lots of activity on the dock and in the huge fish market a few streets south, which is one of Indones…
Market in Rantepao

Pasar Bolu

Rantepao’s main market is held every six days; ask around in town for the exact day. It also operates daily in a reduced capacity. The main market is a very big, social occasion that draws crowds from all over Tana …