Top things to do in Southeast Sulawesi

Palace in Bau Bau


High above the town centre is the kraton, the Wolio royal citadel with impressively long and well-preserved 16th-century walls and battlements that offer great views over the town and its north-facing bay. Much of d…
Village in Pulau Kaledupa & Pulau Hoga


Standing proud in the middle of the sea, this watery Bajau village is entirely built on stilts above the coral about 1km offshore from Ambeua pier. You're welcome to wander the boardwalks and bridges connecting the …
Seafood in Pulau Wangi Wangi

Restoran Wisata Beach

Enjoy your fish while the rest of its family swim beneath your feet at this breezy open-sided restaurant on stilts over the water. As ocean views go, this one is a bit rural, but the food is delicious and portions f…
National Park in Wakatobi Islands

Wakatobi National Park

First protected as Marine Conservation Area in 1996, the diverse coral and fish species that inhabit Wakatobi Islands have long caught the attention of underwater explorers. The area became a National Park in 2002.
Indonesian in Bau Bau

RM Sambal Lado

Being right across from the mosque and the ferry dock, this brightly lit padang joint with excellent green sambal, has a high turnover of food, which keeps dishes fresh.
Village in Pulau Wangi Wangi

Desa Mola

This friendly Bajau village can occupy an hour or so of wandering between the houses on stilts, though the boardwalks are rapidly being replaced with back-fill and cement. It juts out into the straight 1km south of …
Market in Pulau Wangi Wangi

Night Market

It's all smiles and good-natured jokes (usually at your expense) at the night market which typically hosts a few dozen ladies selling all kinds of grilled fish, stewed vegetables and fried ... everything. Find it 2k…
Indonesian in Pulau Wangi Wangi


Average food served in an outstanding setting: perched on a lonely rock standing out in the ocean. The associated Japanese-influenced guesthouse is adequate, but needs some love, as does the associated dive shop whi…
Beach in Bau Bau

Pantai Nirwana

Nine kilometres southwest of Bau Bau, the nearest white-sand beach is the attractively palm-lined Pantai Nirwana, though like most beaches in the area, it gets absolutely mobbed on the weekends by locals and rubbish…
Museum in Bau Bau

Pusat Kebudayaan Wolio

Some 500m beyond the citadel’s south gate is a cultural centre and museum in a restored old mansion-palace. On display are items from the court and lots of photos of notable people. It is also the focal point of Bau…