Top Choice Market in Sukawati & Puaya

Sukawati Market

Sukawati Market is a highlight of any visit to the area. Always lively, this large market is a major source of the flowers, baskets, fruits, knick-knacks and other items used in temple offerings. It's a riot of colo…
Textiles in Blahbatuh

Putri Ayu

See looms busily making ikat and batik fabrics at Putri Ayu. The workshops and showroom are a good complement to the textile shops in Gianyar and are just south of the main road and just east of the temple.
Musical Instruments in Sukawati & Puaya

Nyoman Ruka

One of the first workshops, coming from the south, is Nyoman Ruka, a slick shop with Barong and masks.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Sukawati & Puaya

Guwang Pasar Seni

About 2km south of Sukawati, this much hyped and very touristy market has every type of knick-knack and trinket on sale.
Arts & Crafts in Sukawati & Puaya

Baruna Art Shop

Has many Barong masks in stock for you to ponder.