Top things to do in South Coast

Village in South Coast


Bull races are held in and around Pamekasan every Sunday from the end of July until early October; during October each year the city throbs with the festivities of the kerapan sapi (bull race) grand final.
Village in South Coast


The small town of Bangkalan hosts occasional bull races. If you’ve time to kill before a race, see the Museum Cakraningrat.
Museum in South Coast

Museum Cakraningrat

This museum at Bangkalan will entertain you for an hour or so with displays on Madurese history and culture and exhibits that include a gamelan and traditional tools. A couple of large cannons take pride of place ou…
Village in South Coast


Sampang stages bull races and is the centre of the regency (administrative sub-division) of the same name.
Lighthouse in South Coast


On the very western tip of the island is Sambilangan, where there’s a beach and a lonely 90m lighthouse that gazes out over the Madura Strait.