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Palace in Solo

Kraton Surakarta

Once the hub of an empire, today the 18th-century Kraton Surakarta is a faded memorial of a bygone era. It’s worth a visit, but much of the kraton was destroyed by fire in 1985. Many of the inner buildings were rebu…
Palace in Solo

Mangkunegaran Palace

Dating to 1757, the Mangkunegaran Palace is in better condition than the kraton and is the home of the second house of Solo. The centre of the compound is the pendopo, a pavilion built in a mix of Javanese and Europ…
Indonesian in Solo

Omah Sinten

A rather attractive restaurant where you can dine on quality Javanese fare including lots of local Solonese specialities, like beef sliced and stewed in herbs and green chillies, or duck stewed in coconut milk. Why …
Museum in Solo

House of Danar Hadi

Danar Hadi is one of the world's best batik museums. A terrific collection of antique and royal textiles from Java, China and beyond are housed within an elegant whitewashed colonial building. Entry includes an exce…
Indonesian in Solo

Nasi Liwet Wongso Lemu

Solo street dining at its best, this evening-only stall, run by an ibu (mother; older woman) in traditional batik, specialises in nasi liwet: coconut-flavoured rice served on a banana leaf topped with shredded chick…
Street Food in Solo


Galabo is a kind of open-air food court with dozens of stalls – tuck into local specialties like nasi gudeg (unripe jackfruit served with rice, chicken and spices), nasi liwet (rice cooked in coconut milk and eaten …
International in Solo

Warung Baru

An old-school backpackers' hang-out, the Baru is also a good spot to try local Solonese specialities such as nasi liwet (coconut milk rice with chicken and egg), along with vegetarian dishes, homebaked bread and the…
Indonesian in Solo


This smart, air-conditioned restaurant offers tasty east Javanese specialities such as ayam penyet (flattened fried chicken) and empal penyet (smashed fried marinated beef), that both go fantastically with a cold be…
Indonesian in Solo

Adem Ayem

Huge canteen-like place with swirling colonial-style fans and photos of ye olde Surakarta. Whether you're here for breakfast, lunch or dinner, grab a table and order the chicken: souped, fried or served up gudeg (ja…
Bar in Solo

Atria Resto & Lounge

It has a weird location above a supermarket, but this lounge bistro has an outdoor balcony terrace to enjoy cold beers and Indonesian food while overlooking the street. There's live music on Wednesday nights.