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Pasar Triwindu

Solo’s flea market is the place to search for antiques including wayang puppets, old batik and ceramics, as well as clocks, vinyl records, coins and vintage cameras. It's a fun place to root around, and a specialist…
Clothing in Solo

Batik Danar Hadi

Danar Hadi is an important Solonese batik manufacturer and sells an extensive collection through this beautiful showroom. Styles include traditional Javanese shirts for men, sarongs and exquisite scarves for women a…
Clothing in Solo

Batik Keris Shop

One of several retail outlets selling batik of the famous Batik Keris brand. The icy air-con is not wholly conducive to relaxed shopping, but there's plenty of stock to choose from, including fixed-price batik bags,…
Market in Solo

Pasar Klewer

This bustling textile market burned down in a fire in 2015 and has been rebuilt in more or less the same location. Selling all manner of cloth and ready-made clothes, there are some bargains to be had, particularly …
Market in Solo

Pasar Gede

This is the city’s largest general market, selling all kinds of produce, particularly fruit and vegetables.
Mall in Solo

Paragon Mall

Upmarket mall with Apple and Crocs footwear stores, fashion boutiques and a Carrefour supermarket.
Mall in Solo

Solo Grand Mall

Solo Grand Mall caters for everyday shopping needs.