Soasio attractions

Fort in Soasio

Benteng Torre

No less spectacular than its nearby twin, Benteng Tahula, Torre was bult by the Spanish in the early 17th century. Broken lava flows, vivid tropical foliage and commanding views of southern approaches to the island …
Fort in Soasio

Benteng Tahula

A legacy of Spain's short-lived presence in Tidore, this early-17th-century fort is well preserved, with orderly market gardens within and spectacular views to Halmahera from the battlements. It's a steep climb to t…
Museum in Soasio

Sonyine Malige

Around 200m north of Benteng Tahula, the Sonyine Malige Sultan’s Memorial Museum displays the sultan’s throne and giant spittoons, plus the royal crown topped with cassowary feathers (considered as magical as Ternat…