Music in Yogyakarta

Doggyhouse Records

The recording studio of local label Doggyhouse Records has a small shop selling CDs and vinyl of local bands; anything from heavy metal to dub reggae. It's a good spot to get the low down on the local scene.
Music in Yogyakarta

JNM Artshop

This record store is a good spot to pick up some local indie music from Indonesian label Demajors. It's within the Jogja National Museum.
Musical Instruments in Ubud

Pondok Bamboo Music Shop

Hear the music of a thousand bamboo wind chimes at this store owned by noted gamelan musician Nyoman Warsa, who offers music lessons and stages shadow-puppet shows.
Music in Ubud


New and restored Balinese musical instruments are sold here. Splurge on a cute little bamboo flute for 30,000Rp.
Musical Instruments in Sukawati & Puaya

Nyoman Ruka

One of the first workshops, coming from the south, is Nyoman Ruka, a slick shop with Barong and masks.
Music in Oebelo & Oesao


A terrific Rotenese musical-instrument workshop run by Pak Pah and his family. Traditional 20-stringed harps, aka sasando, are made and played in all sizes. Pak may treat you to a haunting instrumental number, or a …