Top things to do in Sengkang

Top Choice Soup in Sengkang

Bakso Pahlawan

There's bakso, and then there's bakso stuffed with cheese, or with spicy chillies, or a with a whole boiled egg. Gorge yourself for under 20,000Rp at our favourite meatball soup joint on the island.
Lake in Sengkang

Danau Tempe

This large, shallow lake is fringed by wetlands, with floating houses and magnificent birdlife. Geologists believe it was once a gulf between southern Toraja and the rest of South Sulawesi. As the lands merged, the …
Village in Sengkang

Silk Weaving

Sengkang is known for its sutera (silk) weaving, and hundreds of workshops in surrounding villages can be great places to watch the process and purchase direct. Nearby, Kampoeng BNI Sutra is the fruit of Bank Negara…
Seafood in Sengkang

Lesehan Jetpur

A large, brightly lit and bustling place that's very popular with locals, Lesehan Jetpur offers authentic, inexpensive local food, including spicy chicken and plenty of fish on ice you can select yourself. It's 1km …
Coffee in Sengkang

Cafe Time Out

In a town that does depressingly little to capitalise on its lake- and riverfront location, at least there's Time Out, whose second-storey at least has river views and a welcome breeze. It's popular with teens; expe…
Fabric in Sengkang

Losari Silk

Snap photos in the crowded, clacking silk-weaving factory downstairs before dropping a bundle on high-end silk shirts and sarongs upstairs.