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Top Choice Indonesian in Sengkang

Lesehan Jetpur

A large, bustling place with alcove seating that's very popular with office workers, Lesehan Jetpur offers authentic, inexpensive local food, including spicy chicken such as ayam tampa tulang mentega (20,000Rp), ple…
Farm in Sengkang

Silk Weaving Workshops

Sengkang is known for its sutera (silk) weaving industry. Silk-weaving workshops are found around 5km out of town, and the nearest silkworm farms are about 15km from Sengkang. Hotels can organise trips, or you can c…
Lake in Sengkang

Danau Tempe

This large, shallow lake is fringed by wetlands, with floating houses and magnificent birdlife. Hotels can help you charter a boat (160,000Rp for two hours), allowing you to speed along Sungai Walanae, visit Salotan…