Snorkelling, Diving & Surfing

There's reasonable snorkelling off the point in Senggigi, 3km north of the town. You can rent gear (per day 50,000Rp) from several spots on the beach. Diving trips from Senggigi usually visit the Gili Islands.

Massages, Spas & Salons

Very determined local masseurs, armed with mats, oils and attitude, hunt for business on Senggigi's beaches. Expect to pay about 80,000Rp for one hour after bargaining. Most hotels can arrange a masseur to visit your room; rates start at about 100,000Rp. Be warned, some of the streetside 'salons' you'll find are fronts for more salacious services.


Peaceful, leisurely hiking is to be found in Taman Wisata Alam Kerandangan, a nature reserve just north of Senggigi. Marked trails lead to rivers and waterfalls, away from the relative hubbub of Senggigi and the coastal road.