Airport in Semarang

Ahmad Yani Airport

The excellent website of Semarang's international airport, 6km from the city centre, has a host of useful information, including visa requirements and the price of airport taxis.
Bus in Semarang

Nusantara Indah

Agent for luxury buses and express minibuses, including services to Bandung and Pekalongan.
Airline in Semarang


For flight details, email via the English-language website.
Bus in Semarang

Rahayu Travel

Agent for luxury buses and express minibuses.
Train in Semarang


Tawang is Semarang’s main station.
Taxi in Semarang

Kosti Taxis

Taxi in Semarang


Bus Station in Semarang

Terboyo Bus Terminal

Airline in Semarang


Airline in Semarang