Top Choice Cafe in Sanur

Genius Cafe

This new hub for entrepreneurship, which is part of a growing, membership-based network of beach clubs, also serves up delicious food and drinks from a stunning seafront perch. Yes to the ginger latte, yes to the fr…
Cafe in Sanur


Housed in a traditional wooden building, this cafe offers a tasty mix of comfort food like burgers and freshly baked goods such as ciabatta. Snuggle up to a table on the porch or shut it all out in the air-con insid…
Cafe in Sanur

Café Smorgås

A popular place with nice wicker chairs on a large terrace outside and cool air-con inside. The menu has a healthy range of fresh detox juices and salads, plus comfort food such as burgers and sandwiches. Good break…
Cafe in Sanur

Warung Pantai Indah

Sit at battered tables and chairs with your toes in the sand at this timeless beach cafe. It specialises in fresh barbecue-grilled seafood and cheap local dishes.