Top Choice Indonesian in Samarinda

Waroeng Sambel Jogja

Serving eight very different varieties of sambal (salsa) designed to knock your socks off, this large complex near the riverfront is packed on the weekends. Their house speciality, the onion-y sambel bawang Jogja, w…
Indonesian in Samarinda

Annie's Pirates Cafe

While piracy off the shores of Samarinda has declined in recent years, Annie's business is still booming. This creatively themed resto maximises its rooftop river-breeze dining with an extensive menu, including a ho…
International in Samarinda

Sari Pacific Restaurant

Features a selection of New Zealand steaks (120,000Rp) as well as burgers, chicken and fish – all in frustratingly small portions. The house favourite, Ikan Patin bakar (grilled fish), is pure greasy deliciousness. …
Seafood in Samarinda

Hary Crab

A unique local institution, these streetside outdoor benches are generally packed with people who believe dinner should be a fully immersive affair. Wear your bib.
Supermarket in Samarinda

Hero Supermarket

Good place to stock up on snacks before heading upriver.