Riung restaurants

Indonesian in Riung

Rumah Makan Murah Muriah

The house speciality here is the sop ikan asam pedas, Nusa Tenggara Timor's endemic spicy-and-sour tamarind fish soup. This one, cooked by the ever-smiling Bernadetta, is as good as it gets. It also does grilled fis…
Indonesian in Riung

Pato Resto

One of Riung's best restaurants is also it's most unassuming. This simple haunt with checkered tables and plastic chairs is the place to try local Indonesian food. Located on the main road, it's succinct whiteboard …
Indonesian in Riung

Rico Rico

One of the few eating options in Riung and right beside the pier, this is a convenient pre- or post-boat trip dining spot. Food is cheap and basic, but the grilled fish with fresh tomato sauce comes comes highly rec…