Indonesian in Nagoya

Indo Rasa

This lively food precinct in a building on the main thoroughfare across from Nagoya Hill is a good spot for local hawker-style food. There's a bunch of different stalls cooking up anything from ayam penyet (East Jav…
Seafood in Pekanbaru

Pondok Patin HM Yunus

Worth the cab ride south of the airport along the southern extension of Jl Sudirman, this seafood restaurant has earned a loyal contingent of local fans with its version of the hot and sour asam pedan ikan patin, a …
Indonesian in Pekanbaru

RM Kota Buana

In a city known for its quality Padang food, this long-standing, humble restaurant is a standout in Pekanbaru. The beef rendang and ayam goreng (fried chicken) are winning choices.
Indonesian in Tanjung Pinang

Melayu Square

Come sunset, stroll to this lively strip of food stalls that cook up fresh seafood, noodles and all kinds of street-side snacks.
Hawker in Tanjung Pinang

Pinang Citywalk

Pinang Citywalk is a good place for eating (and for a spot of local clothing and snack shopping), with an array of hawker stalls available.