Noodles in Malang

Mie Tomcat

A cool designer warung popular with young locals, with a Jenga-like exterior and cherry-wood furnishings inside and out. The staff speak little English but they do know how to make some tasty noodle soup, ramen and …
Noodles in Medan

Mie Tiong Sim Selat Panjang

On a little street packed with night food stalls, this bustling canteen is locally (and justifiably) famous for its mie tiong sim (soft, handmade noodles topped with sweet, flavourful char siu pork). The chicken noo…
Chinese in Kota & Glodok

Santong Kuo Tieh 68

You'll see cooks preparing fried and steamed Chinese pork dumplings out front of this humble but highly popular little place. The bakso ikan isi (fish balls) are also good.
Noodles in Banda Aceh

Mie Razali

The best place in town to sample mie Aceh (Achenese noodles), spicy noodles served with chicken or seafood. Razali gets busy in the evening so you may have to wait for a table.
Chinese in Kota & Glodok

Restoran Cahaya Mentari

Classic Chinese restaurant with huge tables suitable for banquets. The menu's huge, as is the talent of the chefs. It's in a quieter area just west of Kota and you can still find the odd detail from the Dutch era.
Chinese in Berastagi

Rumah Makan Eropah

Feast on pork-belly soup, pork with green chilli, sweet and sour fish, fresh vegetables or a host of noodle and rice dishes at this welcoming Chinese place.
Chinese in Bogor


A tasteful, soulful Chinese diner with a wonderful mapo tofu on the menu (the tofu was among the silkiest we've ever had), along with a number of ethnic Chinese Indonesian dishes. All served up in a gold and red roo…
Chinese in Kupang

Rumah Makan Palembang

This is first-rate Chinese Indonesian food. Get the ikan bakar rica rica (grilled fish with chilli sauce); its sauce is a sweet, smoky wonder. The squid and shrimp are fresh daily, the veggies are perfectly cooked, …
Chinese in Semarang

Lumpia Gang Lombok

Riverside warung next to the Tay Kak Sie temple, where you can feast on delicious prawn lumpia (spring rolls) that are served with pickled cucumber, lettuce and shredded vegetables. It's a tiny place where you chow …
Chinese in Semarang

Semawis Night Market

If you’re here on a weekend head straight to the Semawis night market for fine Chinese-style noodles and babi sate (pork satay). There’s always a sociable atmosphere here, with a bit of low-key karaoke crooning and …