Checking flights...


Waisai has an airport, but its runway is very short – too short for full-sized passenger planes. Instead there are Susi Air ( flights on Tuesday between Sorong and Waisai, but it’s just as quick (after all the messing around at the airport) to get the ferry.


Fast Bahari Express passenger boats (economy/VIP 100,000/215,000Rp, two hours) depart at 9am and 2pm daily for Waisai from Sorong’s Pelabuhan Feri. The boats head back from Waisai at 9am and 2pm as well. PT Fajar has a ferry offering the same routes at the same times.

Marina Express runs a boat service between Sorong and Misool three times a week, for 250,000Rp each way. It leaves from Sorong's Pelabuhan Feri Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon and returns from Misool at 8am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The journey takes about five hours.

An overnight Fajar Indah boat to Waigama and Lilinta on Misool leaves at midnight on Tuesday (economy/VIP 200,000/300,000Rp) arriving in Misool Wednesday around 9am. The boat returns Friday morning at 9am, arriving in Sorong around 5pm.

Ojeks to Pelabuhan Feri cost around 20,000Rp from the western end of Sorong or outside the airport; a taxi is around 50,000Rp. Ojeks between port and town in Waisai (2km) are 20,000Rp.

Other passenger boats to and around the islands are irregular. To arrange transport around the islands once there, your best bet is to ask at your accommodation or the Waisai Tourism Information Centre. Prices depend on boat, distance and petrol prices and are usually negotiable.