Pulau Nias attractions

Top Choice Museum in Gunung Sitoli

Museum Pusaka Nias

This superb museum, housed inside several traditional-style buildings, offers an in-depth introduction to the indigenous culture of Nias. The displays run the gamut from jewellery worn by noblemen, weapons, crocodil…
Architecture in Pulau Nias

Omo Hada

One of only five such surviving buildings on Pulau Nias, the Omo Hada is situated in the prestigious ‘upstream’ direction of the remote Hilinawalo Mazingo village, garnering the first rays of morning light. It still…
Architecture in Bawomataluo

Chief’s House

Bawomataluo's two streets meet opposite the impressive chief’s house, which is thought to be both the oldest and the largest on Nias. You can poke around its heavy wooden-beamed interior and admire the drum that sig…