Top Choice Indonesian in Tobelo

My Home Cafe

The most atmospheric place to eat in Tobelo – a courtyard garden with a small ornamental pond, packed with plants and lit by lanterns – this cute place also does decent ikan bakar (grilled fish), as well as the usua…
Indonesian in Tobelo

Waroeng Family

Locals push through the carved wooden doors, hunker down under pastel walls adorned with patterned fans, and scratch their heads over the choice: either ikan bakar (grilled fish) or ayam goreng (fried chicken). Both…
Indonesian in Jailolo

Rumah Makan Rahma

Just southeast of the town's main mosque, this place only serves coto makassar, a season-yourself lemongrass-based soup served with stewed beef, sticky pucks of coconut rice, hard-boiled eggs, deep-fried shallots, s…
Indonesian in Tobelo

Podo Moro

Fish and more fish (although, inevitably, chicken is also on the menu) grilled delightfully in front of you at this popular place that stays open later than most restaurants in Tobelo. Fish is priced by weight but i…
Indonesian in Sofifi

Rumah Makan Nasbag

This seafront place ticks over with a steady stream of locals. You can pick and choose from the chicken and veggies on display or go for fresh fish, grilled or fried. It also serves rice and noodle dishes.