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Top Choice Seafood in Kota Biak

Warung Makan Bakwokah

If you like barbecued fish or chicken in a tasty sauce (the secret of which they didn’t want to give away) and served with green veg, rice and sambal, then this eternally popular place is for you. It’s cheap, simple…
Cave in Pulau Biak

Goa Jepang

The ‘Japanese Cave’, 4km northeast of Kota Biak, was used as a base and hideout in WWII by thousands of Japanese soldiers. A tunnel from it is said to lead 3km to the coast at Parai. In 1944, an estimated 3000 Japan…
Gardens in Pulau Biak

Taman Burung & Taman Anggrek

At Ibdi, 12km east of Kota Biak on the Bosnik road, the Bird & Orchid Garden contains a sizeable collection of (caged) Papuan birds, including strikingly coloured lories, hornbills, cockatoos and three sad-looki…
Indonesian in Kota Biak

Furama Restaurant

Offers cold Guinness and Bintang as well as plenty of good-quality Chinese and Indonesian dishes. It’s one of the few places in town that actually feels like a proper restaurant.
Beach in Bosnik

Pantai Segara Indah

The best section of beach is Pantai Segara Indah at the eastern end and some coloured coral offshore. It’s virtually empty weekdays.