Top Choice Cemetery in Kota Ambon

Commonwealth War Cemetery

Known to locals as the 'Australian Cemetery', this trim and neatly manicured cemetery was designed by a British landscape architect in honour of Allied servicemen who died in Maluku and the Celebes in WWII. Adding p…
Museum in Kota Ambon

Museum Siwalima

Ten minutes south of Kota Ambon, set in sloping landscaped gardens adorned with Japanese and Dutch cannon and a scowling statue of Pattimura, parang (machete) aloft, you'll find the modest Siwalima. The collection, …
Fortress in Northern & Western Leihitu

Benteng Amsterdam

In Hila, the 1649 Benteng Amsterdam is an impressive, old, walled fort. Though the walls are obviously rebuilt with concrete, the inner tower, with its brick floors and thick walls, is fluttering with resident swall…
Church in Kota Ambon

Francis Xavier Cathedral

Named for the Basque missionary who visited Maluku in the 16th century, Francis Xavier Cathedral has a facade crusted with saint statues and glimmering steeples.
Mosque in Kota Ambon

Masjid Raya al-Fatah

The town’s biggest mosque, Masjid Raya al-Fatah is a modern concrete affair, its gold-and-brown onion dome visible across much of central Ambon.
Monument in Kota Ambon

Peace Gong

This central landmark next to Pattimura Park was unveiled in 2009 and bears the flags of all nations.
Beach in Southern Leitimur

Santai Beach

Popular south-coast 'Sunday' beach.
Beach in Southern Leitimur

Namalatu Beach

Popular south-coast beach.
Fortress in Kota Ambon

Benteng Victoria

Undramatic Benteng Victoria (out of bounds due to army use) is a Dutch-era fortress. The site of Indonesian national hero Pattimura's hanging, it’s fronted by a gilded statue of Slamet Riyadi, an Indonesian commande…
Monument in Kota Ambon

Trikora Monument

A 1962 monument to the 'liberation' of West Papua.