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Prambanan Temple

Comprising the remains of some 244 temples, World Heritage–listed Prambanan is Indonesia's largest Hindu site and one of Southeast Asia's major attractions. The highlight is the central compound, where eight main an…
Temple in Prambanan

Plaosan Temples

Built around the same time as the larger Prambanan temple group, the Plaosan temples combine both Hindu and Buddhist religious symbols in their elaborate temple carving. Plaosan Lor (Plaosan North) comprises two res…
Ruins in Prambanan

Kraton Ratu Boko

Kraton Ratu Boko is a partly ruined Hindu palace complex dating from the 9th century. Perched on a hilltop overlooking Prambanan, it is believed to have been the central court of the mighty Mataram dynasty. There's …
Temple in Prambanan

Candi Kalasan

One of the oldest Buddhist temples on the Prambanan Plain, the 8th-century Candi Kalasan stands just off the main highway, 13km east of Yogyakarta en route to Prambanan. It's been partially restored and features som…
Temple in Prambanan

Candi Sambisari

This Shiva temple, possibly the latest temple at Prambanan to be erected by the Mataram dynasty, was discovered by a farmer in 1966. Excavated from under ancient layers of protective volcanic ash and dust, it lies a…
Temple in Prambanan

Candi Sari

This 8th-century temple has the three-part design of the larger Plaosan temple but is probably slightly older. Some experts believe that its 2nd floor may have served as a dormitory for the Buddhist priests who took…
Temple in Prambanan

Candi Sojiwan

The remains of this 9th-century Buddhist temple are 1.5km southeast of Prambaban. Around the temple’s base are carvings from the Jataka (episodes from the Buddha’s various lives).