Ferry in Kota Biak


Every two weeks, Pelni has three liners heading east to Jayapura (economy class 173,500Rp, 18 to 27 hours) and west to Sorong (272,000Rp, 19 to 38 hours) and beyond. Some Sorong-bound sailings also call at Nabire an…
Car Hire in Danau Sentani

Ali Rumaf

If you've got time between flights you can hire this trustworthy driver, Ali Rumaf. He'll take to to the sights around Sentani for a total of 800,000Rp for a half-day.
Ferry in Kota Biak

ASDP Indonesia Ferry

Has boats on Tuesday for Manokwari (88,000Rp) and Thursday for Nabire (130,000Rp), sailing from Mokmer, 6km east of Kota Biak.
Airport in Jayapura

Sentani International Airport

The airport servicing Jayapura, actually located 36km west at Sentani, is the hub of Papuan aviation.
Airline in Jayapura

Wings Air

Airline office for Wings Air, Batik Air and Lion Air, which are all under the same ownership.
Airline in Wamena


Allows tourists on their planes and lets them charter flights.
Airline in Kota Biak

Susi Air

Susi Air tickets can only be bought at the airport.
Bus Stop in Manokwari

Terminal Wosi

Catch a 4WD vehicle to Pegunungan Arfak here.
Bus Stop in Pegunungan Arfak

Main Intersection

Catch a 4WD vehicle back to Manokwari here.
Boat in Agats

Main dock

Speedboats to the airport.