Top things to do

Top Choice Indonesian in Sentani

Yougwa Restaurant

Sentani’s most charming dining is on the Yougwa’s breezy wooden terraces over the lake, 13km east of town. Try ikan gabus (snakeskin fish), a tasty lake fish that doesn’t fill your mouth with little bones. Locals al…
Top Choice Seafood in Kota Biak

Warung Makan Bakwokah

If you like barbecued fish or chicken in a tasty sauce (the secret of which they didn’t want to give away) and served with green veg, rice and sambal, then this eternally popular place is for you. It’s cheap, simple…
Top Choice Indonesian in Manokwari

Rumah Makan Salam Manis

Renowned far and wide for its nasi ayam panggang lalapan (grilled chicken with green vegetables and rice), this two-storey place is an excellent choice for a communal meal while sat cross-legged at low tables surrou…
Museum in Jayapura

Museum Loka Budaya

Cenderawasih University’s recently redesigned cultural museum contains a fascinating range of Papuan artefacts including the best collection of Asmat carvings and ‘devil-dance’ costumes outside Agats, most of which …
Cultural in Sentani

Festival Danau Sentani

The Lake Sentani Festival, inaugurated in 2008, features spectacular traditional dances and chanting as well as boat events, music, crafts and hair braiding. It’s very popular with locals and lately has taken place …
Indonesian in Wamena

Mas Budi

Run by the same owners as the Baliem Pilamo, this restaurant offers a smorgasbord with local specialities such as deer meat, fried shrimp, corn fritters and delicious tamarela juice. An attached hotel also offers ro…
Seafood in Jayapura

Duta Cafe

Open-air and riverfront, Duta Cafe serves up excellent ikan bakar (grilled fish) and offers a lively scene in the evenings.
Market in Wamena

Pasar Jibama

Wamena’s main market, Pasar Jibama, 2km north of town, is full of neat piles of fruit and veg, pigs off to slaughter and slippery fish from the coast. It’s a sight in its own right. Keep a close eye on your belongin…
Mall in Jayapura

Mal Jayapura

A four-storey shopping mall complete with a kid zone, food court and movie theatre.
Arts & Crafts in Wamena


The NGO-run Oi-Tourism has a large selection of tribal art and crafts.