Accessible Travel

Indonesia has little supportive legislation or special programs for people with disabilities, and it's a difficult destination for those with limited mobility.

Very few buildings have disabled access, and even international chain hotels often don't have proper facilities.

Pavements are riddled with potholes, loose manholes, parked motorcycles and all sorts of street life, and are very rarely level for long until the next set of steps. Even the able bodied walk on roads rather than negotiate the hassle of the pavement (sidewalk).

Public transport is difficult; cars with a driver can be hired readily at cheap rates. Guides are easily found in tourist areas, and though not usual practice, they could be hired as helpers if needed.

Bali, with its wide range of tourist services and facilities, is the most favourable destination for travellers with disabilities, although this does not mean it is easy.

A number of companies specialise in travel in Indonesia for people with disabilities, including Accessible Indonesia (, which works with local organisations for the disabled.

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