Wander downriver along the Sungai Arut boardwalk to experience local village life before concrete and asphalt. Brightly painted ces (long-tail canoes) are parked between equally rainbow-hued stilt houses fronted by floating outhouses and fish farms. If you tire of walking, wave to almost any boat to take you back (price negotiable, roughly 50,000Rp per hour).


Pangkalan Bun has the best range of accommodation in the region. Budget hotels congregate along Jl P Antasari near the river, while the fancier places are along Jl Iskandar, the main road to the airport.


Midrange and top-end hotels have their own restaurants and there are a few decent family restaurants along Jl Iskander. There's a Hypermart and food court at Citi Mall.

Drinking & Nightlife

Apart from a bar of sorts at Swiss-Belinn, the sale of alcohol is officially illegal in Pangkalan Bun (locals know where to find it though!). Nightlife is limited to a handful of karaoke joints. In the evenings local youth hang out at the cluster of coffee shops at the Pancasila roundabout on Jl Iskandar.