Airline in Pangandaran

Susi Air

Susi Air flies daily to Pangandaran airstrip (20km west of town) from Jakarta's Halim Perdana Kusuma airport (824,000Rp, one hour). Double-check your bookings before departure.
Bus in Pangandaran


The Budiman bus depot, about 2km west of Pangandaran along Jl Merdeka, has regular departures, but most swing by the main bus terminal too.
Bus in Pangandaran

Estu Travel

Estu Travel has minibuses to Yogyakarta (130,000Rp, nine hours) leaving from the main bus terminal at 9am and 8pm.
Bus in Pangandaran

Sari Harum

To Bandung, there are two daily Sari Harum door-to-door travel minibuses (100,000Rp, six hours).
Bus in Pangandaran

Main Bus Terminal

This is 1.5km north of the beach and tourist centre.
Bus in Pangandaran

Sari Bakti Utama Bus Depot

Bus terminal