Top things to do

Top Choice Bar in Pangandaran

Bamboo Beach Café

This fine beach bar lines up nicely with the waves, and is the perfect location to scout the swell with a cold Bintang in hand, particularly at sunset. Benches and tables with thatched umbrellas wander all the way t…
Top Choice Seafood in Pangandaran

Pasar Ikan

Pangandaran’s terrific fish market consists of more than a dozen large, open-sided restaurants just off the east beach. Karya Bahari is considered the best – which is why it's so crowded – but all operate on exactly…
National Park in Pangandaran

Pangandaran National Park

The Pangandaran National Park, which takes up the entire southern end of Pangandaran, is a wild expanse of dense forest. Within its boundaries live porcupines, kijang (barking deer), hornbills, monitor lizards and m…
Indonesian in Pangandaran

Rumah Makan Christi

This clean, orderly rumah makan (restaurant), with a large interior and bench seating outside, is a good bet for local food. It fries, grills and stews tofu, chicken and fish, and offers a range of vegetarian dishes…
International in Pangandaran

Relax Restaurant

A dependable, slightly formal Swiss-owned restaurant with a restrained atmosphere thanks to the starched tablecloths and attentive service. The menu covers both Western and Indonesian fare; portions are generous. It…
Indonesian in Pangandaran

Green Garden Cafe

There's not much of a garden in evidence, but you must try the delicious batagor (crispy tofu) here, which is fried in cassava flour and served with spicy peanut sauce. Down it with a fresh juice.
Indonesian in Pangandaran

Chez Mama Cilacap

A large, airy thatched dining room, twirling with ceiling fans and offering a huge range of Indonesian specialties, but famous for fresh seafood, which you can choose from the cooler. Get the crab.
Books in Pangandaran

MM Books

Sells a wide range of second-hand Western titles from a roadside shack. The proprietor, Mas Rudin, is one of the best and most trustworthy guides in town.