Top Choice Seafood in Pangandaran

Pasar Ikan

Pangandaran’s terrific fish market consists of more than a dozen large, open-sided restaurants just off the east beach. Karya Bahari is considered the best – which is why it's so crowded – but all operate on exactly…
Indonesian in Pangandaran

Rumah Makan Christi

This clean, orderly rumah makan (restaurant), with a large interior and bench seating outside, is a good bet for local food. It fries, grills and stews tofu, chicken and fish, and offers a range of vegetarian dishes…
International in Pangandaran

Relax Restaurant

A dependable, slightly formal Swiss-owned restaurant with a restrained atmosphere thanks to the starched tablecloths and attentive service. The menu covers both Western and Indonesian fare; portions are generous. It…
Indonesian in Pangandaran

Green Garden Cafe

There's not much of a garden in evidence, but you must try the delicious batagor (crispy tofu) here, which is fried in cassava flour and served with spicy peanut sauce. Down it with a fresh juice.
Indonesian in Pangandaran

Chez Mama Cilacap

A large, airy thatched dining room, twirling with ceiling fans and offering a huge range of Indonesian specialties, but famous for fresh seafood, which you can choose from the cooler. Get the crab.